Empowering MSME’s through financing

The Thought


MSME - Often termed as “the engine of growth” for India, plays a prominent role in the development of the country in terms of creating employment opportunities, scaling manufacturing capabilities, and contributing to the GDP.

The growth and development of MSME sector in our country has been consistent and remarkable over the preceding decades. Statistics show that the number of such enterprises has increased from about 1.1 crore in 2001-02 to 4.1 crore units in 2009-10 and again to 4.48 crore enterprises in 2014-15. The MSMEs produce more than 7,500 products and also contribute to about 35% of the India’s exports. MSMEs contribute 8% of the country’s GDP, 45% of the manufactured output and 40% of exports (Prime Minister’s Task Force on MSME, 2010)

The MSME sector, apart from showing impressive potential, also faces challenges to its growth story with access to finance being the most critical. Jacinth Finvest Limited, through its timely and adequate financing to MSME entrepreneurs, endeavours to support the MSME Sector to achieving the targeted growth rate.

JFL, expanding the horizon of funding to various enterprises

Loan against Property

In addition to providing Business loans to MSME sector, JFL is also offering Loan Against Property (LAP), as the name suggests is a loan which customers may avail by mortgaging a residential or commercial property that is provided as security to obtain a loan against that property.

LAP is a great option to obtain funds at a lower cost and simultaneously make use of an idle asset without the need to sell or dispose owned assets. However, the property so mortgaged for Loan against Property should be free from any legal and financial encumbrances.